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Monday, 20 July 2015 16:25
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 Chevrolet Cruze is general motors to create the design and performance of the compact type benchmark models as the goal to integrate global resources to develop a new generation of works. The car or will be made in Shanghai next year to achieve domestic, in order to compete in the fierce competition in the compact models for the market. Has been concerned about the new Chevrolet compact models Cruze (Cruz) finally in the Paris auto show world debut, unveiled its mystery. Ke Luzi to the avant-garde design style has attracted people's attention, its precision manufacturing process make it is expected to become the new benchmark of compact modelse

Chevrolet Cruze driving performance is good, the performance of the equipment is also very strong. Chassis tuning is very European, the shape is also very international. This car is a mainstream car, but also a very cool car.

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